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Dimethyl Ether (methoxymethane, DME), CH3OCH3 – organic chemical compound in the ether group; a colourless gas with a characteristic odour; moderately soluble in water. It is used as a propellant gas in aerosol sprays and mixed with isobutane. It can be an alternative fuel to LPG, LNG, petroleum or diesel oil. It can be made from natural gas, coal or biomass.
Our portfolio also includes a DME + Isobutane blends in various proportions.

Properties and application

Household chemicals and aerosol-based cosmetics

Application advantages:

  • a very good solvent for polymers in hair sprays
  • ensures slight product dispersion from the can
  • a product highly compatible with hydrocarbon-based propellants (propane, butane, LPG, pentane)
  • characterized by high solubility in water

Spray paints and varnishes

Application advantages:

  • both a propellant and solvent
  • quick DME evaporation process ensures faster drying
  • dimethyl ether guarantees minimized formation of streaks and sagging
  • creation of a homogeneous coat
  • enables lower paint consumption for a similar effect
  • characterized by higher partial pressure than propane or butane

Installation foams

Application advantages:

  • excellent propellant
  • very good solvent for fluoropolymer
  • extends the durability of a finished product
  • enables adjusting foam structure and viscosity
  • a formula with dimethyl ether enables optimizing winter-period formulations

Foamed polyester foams

Application advantages:

  • avoiding additional use of other solvents (ethanol, acetone)
  • possibility of using freon, which consequently reduces production costs
  • high distribution coefficient enables producing slabs of lower density, allowing to reduce manufacturing costs
  • enables producing slabs of higher density (up to 100 mm and above), with increased compressive strength
  • improves thermal insulation properties
  • helps reduce atmospheric CO2 emissions