We sell liquefied gas within south-western Poland. ELKOM-GAZ offers liquefied petroleum gas-LPG (autogas) used as engine fuel to entities dealing with the distribution of liquefied gas (LPG stations, liquefied fuel stations). For the sake of the highest quality of the offered product, we make every effort to meet the expectations of our partners.

Before it reaches a retail recipient, LPG engine fuel must satisfy strict standards. In addition, it is subject to quality inspections commissioned by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and conducted by the Trade Inspectorate as part of monitoring activities implemented based on the provisions of the act on the liquefied fuel quality monitoring and inspection system.

In the light of the above, the liquefied gas we offer is a high-quality blend (a minimum 60% propane content), satisfying the legal requirements for LPG engine fuel (PN-EN 589 standard), which is confirmed by inspection reports issued by accredited testing laboratories.
Strict safety standards are observed by our trained and qualified employees, which ensures proper procedures related to filling liquefied gas containers using certified filling equipment. A modern storage depot guarantees timely supplies, while maintaining the appropriate quality of the offered fuel and prices that are competitive within the liquefied fuel market.

Our cooperation includes providing our customers with technical support in terms of servicing LPG stations (internal inspections of overground and underground tanks, checking safety valves, repairing liquefied gas force pumps).

We offer a wide range of

gas-related products