Liquefied gas sales


Propane gas for heating purposes is a convenient, cost-efficient and eco-friendly energy source. It has numerous applications.
Propane gas for households is a perfect alternative to natural gas. It is much cheaper than other energy sources, and additionally exhibits higher calorific value.

Heating gas sales
Who is our offer targeting?

Heating gas in tanks is a perfect solution for single-family home owners living in the cities and rural areas, who want to heat their houses with gas. Heating with liquefied gas is particularly recommended when it is impossible to tie-in a household to a natural gas network. Heating gas will be a great choice for people who value comfort and convenience. Heating with liquefied gas is maintenance-free.


choose liquefied gas heating?

Eco-friendly energy source

Comfort of use

High calorific value

Numerous applications

Time- and cost-efficient

Liquefied gas supplies

for household containers

We guarantee proved gas quality, as well as quick and timely supplies. We deliver using our own means of transport. We are able to complete deliveries within a maximum of five days. Qualified and experienced drivers, as well as fine-tuned procedures allow us to guarantee full safety.


of heating gas for businesses

We have been cooperating with industrial plants and agricultural farms for many years. Eco-friendly, while highly calorific fuel that is the propane we offer finds increasingly more applications for manufacturing and heating purposes in industrial plants and agricultural farms. We have our own truck fleet. It enables us to ensure gas supplies within 200 kilometres from our storage depot. We approach each customer individually, creating a separate gas supply offer in each case.



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