Our company

The company was established on 1 January 1992 and was the second Polish private gas filling plant. Stable management has ensured continuous growth over the years. In the first year, the company was a small-sized liquefied gas filling plant, employment was under 10 person, while gas sales amounted to approx. 140 tons/month.


Liquid gas

trading segments

1. Gas cylinders (gas filling plant) since 1992
2. Autogas (fuel station supply) since 1994
3. Heating (propane supplies) since 2000
4. Odourless aerosol gases since 2014
5. Dimethyl ether since 2015

Currently ELKOM-GAZ Z. Sobieralski spółka komandytowa sells liquefied LPG, propane, butane (C3 and C4 group hydrocarbons derived from crude oil refining) throughout Europe.

It is a medium-sized enterprise employing approximately 50 people. Its monthly liquefied gas sales amount to approx. 2000 tons throughout a well-organized sales network. Gas cylinders are filled at the gas filling plant in Przedmoście. The plant satisfies EU requirements. The gas terminal is fitted with 6 gas containers with a total volume of 995 m3 (over 400 tons). This allows us to maintain gas production and distribution continuity.

In 2014, our product portfolio was expanded with odourless, high-purity gases (propane, butane, isobutane and their blends, depending on customer needs) obtained through modern purification processes at our plant, which eliminate impurities of a non-refined product (sulfur, water, olefins, heavy hydrocarbons). The company also sells Dimethyl Ether (DME).