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ELKOM-GAZ has specialized in the production of odourless aerosol gases since 2014. We own a unique Italian-made LPG liquefied gas deodorization system, which is the only one of this kind in this part of Europe. We supply customers throughout Europe.

The range of our products in the LPG liquefied gas purification sectors includes various types of high-purity gases (propane, butane, isobutane and their blends, depending on customer needs) obtained through modern purification processes, which eliminate impurities of a non-refined product (sulfur, water, olefins, heavy hydrocarbons).

The obtained gases are chemically stable, non-toxic, almost colourless and odourless, nearly free of unsaturated compounds and do not lead to corrosion. Therefore, these products are called “safe” in contact with the surroundings. They are used in aerosols and industrial manufacturing. To maintain the highest quality of our product, we operate our own gas laboratory. Our gas chromatographs test hydrocarbon composition in ppm. To ensure delivery continuity and the quality of the supplied products, we have our own means of transport, i.e., 20 road tankers for transporting both raw products and odourless blends.

Standard gas blends we offer for individual applications: